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Personalized customization leads the way to innovation. -- Stationery Supplies Newsletter of the 125th Canton Fair

Release date:2019/05/02

On May 1st, the 125th CantonFair ushered in its final exhibition. The stationery booth of Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. mainly displays the professional ruler such as teaching ruler, art ruler, tailor ruler and optical splitter. Among them, most of the art rulers are customized by advanced laser cuttingtechnology according to the needs of different market customers for productuses and preferences, thus winning the favor of our customers.

During the exhibition, exhibitors and purchasers from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kongand other places came in an endless flow. Salesmen introduced the products fromthe aspects of materials, uses, standards and styles to customers in anall-round way, which enabled customers to have a deeper understanding of our products and laid a foundation for further cooperation. During the exhibition,there were about 80 inquiries from customers, and the number of inquiries remained stable, basically equal to the same period last year.